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Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Commercial Spore Print

Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Commercial Spore Print

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This impressive commercial strain of Blue Oyster mushroom produces dense, delicious clusters of blue/grey caps often yielding 2 lbs from the first flush, from a 5 lb supplemented sawdust block.  This strain performs well during both cool and warm temperatures.

Fruiting Substrates:
-Masters mix (50/50 hardwood sawdust & soybean hulls)
-Hardwood sawdust & wheat bran @ 20% supplementation
-Sterilized Straw

Colonizing Temperature:
68 to 76 F

Fruiting Temperature:
60 to 80 F

Fruiting Humidity:
90 to 98%

Air Exchanges:
4 to 8 per hour

New, novel strains of mushrooms are created when starting from spores.  You could discover the next popular strain of your favorite variety when growing mushrooms this way.  Even better, spore prints are more resistant to extreme weather.   

Each spore print order includes 2 prints on separate pieces of tinfoil, packaged in individual plastic bags. Commercial spore prints are taken from commercially viable mushroom strains.  Spore prints are taken in sterile lab conditions from indoor grown mushrooms, but note that spore prints are not guaranteed to be 100% sterile due to the nature of how mushrooms grow, and how prints are taken.  We recommend adding spores to agar petri dish plates to isolate potential contaminates and the desired strain.  We take every precaution to make the cleanest spore prints possible.