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About Cloud Culture Mushrooms

CLOUD CULTURE Mushrooms is the result of a deep passion and understanding of the world of mushrooms. We have spent years researching, experimenting, and growing mushrooms for our friends and family. Our fascination with the ability of fungus to transform materials such as sawdust into gourmet food and medicine has led us to strive for furthering the propagation of these delicious and beneficial mushrooms. Join us on our journey to explore and share the wonders of mushrooms.

Our goal is to provide the best quality gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultures and cultivation supplies, while offering excellent customer service.

Our mission is to educate the world about fungi, help professionals and home cultivators grow mushrooms, continually improve our ability to advance fungus research, and develop novel mushroom technologies for the betterment of all.

We strive for innovation and furthering the field of mycology through research, product development, and an obsession with fungi. 

Dan West, founder and lead mycologist of CLOUD CULTURE Mushrooms, comes from a background in biology, with an emphasis in plant physiology.  This evolved into a love of growing plants and eventually mushrooms.  Shortly after he began growing mushrooms, he became mushroom obsessed and has developed an unquenchable appetite to learn everything he can about fungi, specifically gourmet and medicinal mushroom species.

Pictured is the CLOUD CULTURE team.  On the left is Matt West (CIO), in the middle is Dan West (Founder/Lead Mycologist), and on the right is Amanda West (COO).  We're a family business with a passion for mushrooms!