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Tree Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Slant or Petri Dish

Tree Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Slant or Petri Dish

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This Tree Oyster strain has vigorous mycelium and delicious, large fruit-bodies.  It fruits in warm or cool temperatures, and is sure to be a hit on the dinner plate.  We love this strain.


Fruiting Substrates:
-Masters mix (50/50 hardwood sawdust & soybean hulls)
-Hardwood sawdust & wheat bran @ 20% supplementation

Colonizing Temperature:
68 to 78 F

Fruiting Temperature:
 55 to 75 F

Fruiting Humidity:
90 to 98%

Air Exchanges:
4 to 8 per hour

All mushroom culture slants and petri dishes are guaranteed to be 100% clean, viable and proven fruiting strains of mushroom. 

Slant cultures come in a 50ml conical centrifuge tube on nutrient agar. 
Petri dish cultures come in a 100mm x 15mm petri dish on nutrient agar.